Pokhara, known as the 'City of seven lakes', is not only famous for its alluring natural beauty. But, also for it's adventurous air sports which gives you a wonderful experience in the air of Pokhara. 

Who wouldn't want to see the valley from sky?

There are different air sports available in Pokhara. However, you can do any of them to enjoy the ride in the sky. Learn more about air sports;



Air sports in Pokhara - Paragliding

You are looking for escapade and thrilling challenge, there is paragliding. The short flight lasts for 20-30 minutes and the longer one lasts for up to 60 minutes. The price for Paragliding depends on the flight type, the half an hour tandem flight costs 100us$ and the cross country flight cost 150us$. 


A pilot can fly one passenger at a time. The adventure gives you the aerial view of the Himalayas and the lake from above. It is considered that Paragliding is one of the many air sports that is adventurous and thrilling at the same time.


Ultralight Aircraft:

Ultralight Aircraft, is quite similar to paragliding, but the structure and way of flying is completely different.The longest flight lasts for 90 minutes and the shortest for 15 minutes. Like Paragliding, Ultralight gives ride to one passenger with a pilot at a time. The price for a short ultralight flight is 113us$ and for the longest is 446us$

Air sports in Pokhara - Ultra light flight

The aircraft  takes off from Pokhara airport and the flight offers astonishing view of the lakes, mountains and green hills from above.


Hot Air Balloon:

If you are fascinated by the idea of being floated in the air, you can try hot air balloon ride. A balloon can fly 2-3 person at a time. The price is 120us$ for half an hour flight and 150us$ for the one hour flight for balloon ride.

Air sports in Pokhara - Hot air balloonIt is more calm and gentle flight comparing to others. Once the hot air balloon is lifted away from the ground, you will feel tranquil and peace of being up in the air from where you can get the amazing view of the valley.




Want to go to mountains without trekking? 

Helicopter, is different from any other air sports and it's an easy way to see and go around the mountains. The price is 1000us$ for short tour around pokhara and can cost cost up to 1800us$ to 3500us$ for longer tours around mountains. 

Air sports in Pokhara - Helicopter

The helicopter ride takes you above and around the majestic mountains of Pokhara. It has seats for four passenger with two pilots, at a time.

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