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  • Eco village Our mission is two-fold. Local and global. We aim to preserve and create upon the already beautiful surrounding nature an ecological farm community which will be a fine example for people around the world who are inquisitive about organic food, and living. We believe that in these times it is clearly imperative that humanity take seriously the efforts to address the problems of the world caused by contaminated foods, and natural resources. The solution we feel, as many do, is to preserve and expand the awareness and produce of the organic culture. Foods produces organically, meaning they are not contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, or neither modified genetically (GMO) are healthier, tastier and friendly to the environment. Connected already with local farmers we mean to establish a center for educating more and more people in the practical application of organic farming. Their knowledge of the land and of techniques of farming passed down the ages are to be consciously preserved. Uniting with this will be knowledge brought in from other sources around the world as we aim to gather knowledge regarding the organic agri-culture. We will market and distribute accordingly. By bringing attention to organic farming we will create awareness of its importance and its science all over the world. We have plans to advertise through many mediums the importance of good food, and natural living, not only in Nepal but throughout the world. Presenting ourselves in festivals around the world we will not only bring attention to the cause of organic farming but to Nepal itself, thereby giving good representation in the growing field of sustainable living. As our local concern is Nepal, we will be working with local farmers to raise the standard of living in the rural areas. In this way, other non-organic farms may take note and decide to become organic. To assist with this we will develop our site into a working sustainable community. The community, which will not be isolated but integrated with the locality, will create schools for adults and for children. The school for adults will be to educate all who desire the education regarding organic farming etc. Also we will teach many subjects such as health preservation and care, ayurveda, yoga etc along with standard education subjects such as mathematics, English and science. In this way, the locals teach and are taught, and visitors invited for sharing we teach and be taught. These sharing schools will contribute to the preservation of knowledge in our future society. Such a school, created locally in Nepal, may then be forged again and again in other areas, in Nepal and also around the world. We will create also a school for children and invite poor and orphaned children to come and study. Again the subjects studied will be a mix of practical, spiritual, and social. One aim of our project is for our children to be content with their beautiful home, so they feel proud with no need to leave for foreign lands for education or entertainment. On the contrary, we will instead receive folks from all over the world who wish to absorb the local culture while simultaneously creating a new culture which is a blend of old and new. Entertainment will also therefore is also an important concern, for teenagers have a natural need, and a natural thirst for enjoyment and creation. We will create for them a music studio, and bring in teachers of music from Nepal and all around the world. In this way local music traditions may be preserved and foreign traditions may be received and integrated, with no need of travelling far. As well as a studio we aim to create art schools and craft schools within the community, again, preserving and educating locals and visitors about our culture. Alongside the practical is also the spiritual. We will create space for the teaching of spiritual sciences such as yoga and meditation. Such places will not be merely utilized for show but to educate those interested in this regard so they may continue the teachings of a rich heritage. All-in-all we aim to create a wonderful community where people are happy to co-exist, in nature. The success of this will surely be an education to anyone who recognizes as we do the problems created by separating the city life from the rural life, where farmers farm with no access to other community activities. In this way rural living will again be desired and our children will not wish to run to cities around the world where a struggle to compete with millions of people for money awaits them. We wish to share these ideas and creations with the people of Nepal and also inspire local people around the world to enjoy local living, and resurrect it in the minds of people, so that our food becomes predominantly organic again, so that our usage of pollutants becomes minimized, so that our health and happiness be with us constantly. We engage various workshops where local Nepali people as well as people from around the world will present their original crafts and skills, lecture on ancient Yoga and meditation techniques, New Age life style green ways, recycling, composting and how to contribute for the preservation of the Nature and Mother Earth. Ghaderi Eco Village is nestled in the hills over-looking Pokhara, bearing constant witness to the magnificent Annapurna ranga. It is a cosy village where locals grow there own organic food and live a happy life. It is a piece of heaven. Upon that ready heaven there is further ambition to cultivate a culture where much more than farming is seen. What the local life can teach is much yet children brought up in these villages still yearn for the adventures of the city and so the youth more often than not leave in search for another type of heaven. One that invariably does not exist. The goal of Ghaderi Eco Village is to bring awareness to the world of the heaven that exists in these rurals communities, and invite people to experience this first hand. Also we desire to rejuvenate the local scene by sharing ideas from all over the world. Thus we have Permaculture meeting with local culture, western traditional music meeting with local traditional music, and the convergence of other arts and philosophies such as yoga, meditation, reiki, massage etc. What is being created is the future. A merger of east and west, of new and old, of earth and spirit. We aim to build a school nearby which hosts local children and children visiting from all around the world, so that knowledge and love may be shared. We aim to establish an ashram and invite teachers to teach various subjects from all fields of esoteric study. We will create a music studio so that musicians from all around the world are attracted to come and enjoy the perfect place to create music of all types. And so that locals may produce sounds the world may also hear. Ghaderi Eco Village is therefore not an isolated experiment but the creation of future upon what has been preserved so well from ages. The locals are happy to see new colors, and visitors are happy to experience the hospitality of the locals and the sheer beauty of the place. We invite you to join us in our growth, in our uniting, in our sharing and creating of what must surely be an example for humanity. In these times it is essential to retrace our steps and apply natural wisdom in our future culture on Planet Earth. Where that respect for nature is let us maintain it, and from whose hearts that respect lies, let it be shared. We will host different kinds of festivals here and hope to see you one day, sharing what you know and learning what you may not. In unity we thus grow, and enjoy abundantly in this heaven in the hills

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    The Unity Eco Village

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