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    Everest Base camp Trekking 2020
    Nepal Mounatin Guide TeamS (Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.)

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    Paragliding: On the day of Flight you can come to the company on the given time or they can pick you up in your hotel if you have told them to. You have to be half an hour early than the flight time either they pick you up half an hour early or you come there its optional. After you have paid and signed the forms you are ready to go, they will take you in their jeep on the flying spot then your pilot will give you some instructions for you then you can fly for the given time and then after you land they will drive you back to company or your hotel.   Mountain bike tour : On the day of the ride you can come to the company 10-15 minute earlier to the company before the departure time then after you have all the people ready to go then you start to ride, the guide will guide you throughout the adventure.    Motor bike tour:   High ground adventure: On the day of the adventure you have to come 15 minute earlier than your departure time to...
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    Why Shouldn't We Treasure Pokhara?   Pokhara is a jewels of Nepal. The land escape of Pokhara Valley with its privileged overview of the Annapurna Mountain Range astonishes even those most used to visit the Alps in France. Don't think so? Who would compare the Mount Blanc (4,810mts), one the most most popular peak of Europe, with the Machhapuchhre an almost 7,000 meters magnificent Himalayan peak.   Fun and beauty and conveniences for the visitors, and lots of work and business opportunities for the local population. That is what tourism industry is about.   Most tourist markets of the world can be summarized as a place with natural, architectonic or cultural beauty surrounded by commercial activities as hotels and restaurants plus of course all the souvenir shops around.    Paris has palaces and museums surrounded by hotels and restaurant, Istanbul has all its historical buildings and the Bosforo...
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    Introduction Pricing is series of method to set the selling price of any product or services. Except the financial expenses of the company it also important to understand the aspect of market strategy like; differentiation, competition, seasonality and demand. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of these strategy and their the benefit for the company. But the price formation of the sales of products and services should be a top priority in a company. Because it is one of the most important activities of a company. What is pricing? It is the analyzed process of setting the price of product and services. The price must be set according to; the cost based on company's formation, the competition and the value of buyer's view.  Types of pricing Pricing based on perceived value or differentiation: The company sets price by considering what a customer is willing to pay for it. It focuses on what image...
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      Air Dynasty Heli Services Pvt Ltd, one of the largest Private Sector Helicopter Charter Companies in Nepal. with its own fleet of AS 350 Series has been providing safe, reliable and comfortable services to customers since 1993 A. D. We provide service with our fleet of helicopters that are certified to fly from 16,000 feet to 20,000 feet AMSL. Each aircraft can normally accommodate 5 adult passengers subjective of altitude and temperature at the landing site.
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    Tibetan encounter tour is a unique opportunity to spend a day in a local Tibetan communities inside Pokhara Valley with a genuine Tibetan guide. Learn about their rich Tibetan culture such as Buddhism, medicine, arts and crafts, history, and their struggles as refugee in Nepal.  Tibetan food and drink provided.